Who Will Keep The Doctor Away?

Growing up, we always heard: An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away.  While I don’t know the particular health elements of apples, I would imagine that eating one a day should provide some nutritious benefits; this week, however,  I am convinced the adage written on the first line of this post is not true. 

An Apple can be a Macintosh computer running the System 7 operating system, giving us the first computer with a true Graphical User Interface (before there were Windows and before we knew about Icons).  Back then, the definition of Icon was tied to celebrity or identified with someone we admired and revered.  Soon, the definition would change. 

An Apple can be a store where tons and tons of people are converged playing with gadgets, buying gadgets or standing in line to fix their gadgets.  In this case an Apple is more like a bushel of people because the apples have attracted us as if we were in an orchard and we are all there to pick something. 

An Apple can be an MP3 player known as a Nano, iPod or Shuffle where my three-thousand CD collection can finally find a home.  This Apple places music at my fingertips and allows me to go from Bizet’s Carmen (if I’m in an Opera mood) to anything by The Black Eyed Peas.  In this case the Apple is both international as well as a legume. 

An Apple can be a computer that looks like a TV which has matured from being a Macintosh to simply a Mac, iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Air.  The GUI is now prettier and the gadgets have all been updated; in short, it is more exciting.  This Apple would have been the one the Evil Queen would have given to Snow White because it was vivid, rich and would have been totally enticing – easy to use but complex enough that seven, older little men might have been a tad confused upon finding it (along with a ‘dead’ Snow White) installed in their home.  

An Apple can be yet another gadget hooked up to your TV where you can stream Netflix or rent movies or watch trailers without leaving your home.  In this case, this Apple is like drinking apple juice from the bottle (when no one else is looking, of course) – it is that easy!  

An Apple can be iPad or an iPhone that has transformed the way we live our life, get our news, communicate and store our memories.  When was the last time you could walk around with all of your photo albums in one place to share with others and send to others if needed?  This Apple is like a pie that you just can’t stop eating after one piece.  The flavors are layered and the texture is just right. And when a new pie comes out of the oven, we want to try that one too.

So while Apples are multifaceted and can be referred to as computers, gadgets, stores, mp3 players, pies and a host of i-products, what truly makes an Apple product unique?  To find the response to this question, you simply need to look no further than to the apple who fell not too far from his tree: Mr. Steve Jobs.

Steve defined icon for every frazzled, innovative, geek who ever set his sights on reaching for an impossible dream, he defined icon in every product he helped spearhead, greenlight or send back to the drawing board, he defined icon for the millions of us who own an Apple product and he defined icon in a way that put him at the table and in our vernacular along with Presidents, Elvis and pardon the expression, Apple Pie. 

Even this week, as he succumbed to the illness he so valiantly fought, he left us a message he might have found some humor in: an Apple a day does not keep the doctor away, but it sure makes life a little easier.


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