Plus Twelve

I didn’t think I would ever get back to writing.

First I had computer problems – like bad, complicated hardware stuff. My monitor wasn’t staying on, the computer was running really hot, etc. Should have bought a MAC.

Then, my blog page blew up. I lost a number of posts and I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I was suffering from blog loss anxiety.

The stress of the computer hardware issues coupled with my software issues led to frustration issues which ultimately led to acute writer’s block. I couldn’t even think of what to post anymore. But now I have some ideas, just haven’t had time to write. Here’s what you’ve missed:

I celebrated 46 years in this country this week. I am also 46 years old. I will tell you the story one day when I post something called Shoebox Child.

I had a complete workout with the Exercise of Disrespect. I will write about that soon or I will have to go to therapy. I believe it is easier (and cheaper) to write about it.

Met several deadlines (both personal and professional) this week and loved how procrastination always creeps into my life. Need to write about that too.

Had one of the roughest work weeks in the history of my adult employment life – started writing a post titled “Gotta Go Make The Donuts” – didn’t finish it but I will.

Charity O Lam of the Pan turned a quite beautiful 50 – The Chinese have always had good fortunes. Happy Birthday Horinth – I owe you your own ‘tribute’ post!

My friend Mrs. Rock sent me the funniest email – solidifying my position that Math, while relieving stress for me, is disheartening for others.

Was talking to my wife about how we finished paying the caterer at our wedding with the $18 dollars she collected from the Dollar Dance. We were remembering how poor we were back then but what a great party we had – it was the cheapest wedding of all time but we were rich in love – it was almost a lifetime ago…

But not really a lifetime, only twenty-two years ago today. Happy Anniversary Honey! We made it to the plus twelve (back in my younger days I used to say that if anyone got ten years out of a marriage you were lucky!). In honor of this occasion, I have written a special puzzle poem:



One – azure fast skies lead to

a slice of apple (just for us)

Initial fear of cloud promotes sigh – ugh!

Two – Be harried not on this day for

Without haze your sight is limitless.

Lord’s hex at rectangle around the round awaits!

Second generation and non steel flower baked goods delight.

Three – early station town tune passageway extravaganza

Epiphany display

Also ballet! as you walk to emancipator middle:

Ball buster holiday

home again

Until 23

Until forever.


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