Bonus Post: What Was Meaning of Plus Twelve Poem from 10/21 Post?

For all those who have asked…

I wrote about how I was coming back after technical problems and then I said I was having a wedding anniversary where I published the poem below (lines in red interpret the poem).  Like our friend Beth (Pending Group Assignment) said, ‘Can’t he just give you a ticket?’


(What to do for 22 year anniversary?)


(Quick trip.)

One – azure fast skies lead to

(Day One – Jet Blue)

a slice of apple (just for us)

(New York as we like it)

Initial fear of cloud promotes sigh – ugh!

(Fear of flying – the word Hugh ends the sentence – seeing his show – he is her boyfriend.)

Two – Be harried not on this day for

(Day Two – Don’t stress – Harri refers to Harry Connick Jr)

Without haze your sight is limitless.

(On A Clear Day You Can See Forever! – Harry’s Show)

Lord’s hex at rectangle around the round awaits!

(Godspell at Circle in the Square)

Second generation and non steel flower baked goods delight.

(Junior’s Cheesecake and Magnolia Bakery)

Three – early station town tune passageway extravaganza

(Day Three – Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show)

Epiphany display


Also ballet! as you walk to emancipator middle:

(Ballet at Lincoln Center)

Ball buster holiday

(The Nutcracker)

home again

(Going home that night.)

Until 23

(Until next year.)

Until forever.

(She’s stuck with me.)



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