Drama 101

Family drama is sometimes just not worth it. There are always the people who have a chip on their shoulder, the ones whose feelings get hurt, those who are never happy and the group who lives oblivious to any of the drama because they are simply living their lives. I’ve lived in all of those categories depending on the situation. But family drama is so exhausting.

I’ve been known to go to the ugly places with people because I think drama can be avoided when you speak your truth. I can hear my wife in my head saying loudly, ‘nobody needs your truth’ because she is not a person of confrontation. She also doesn’t do drama well recognizing that everyone has their own demons to bare so she pretty much gives everyone a pass. I, on the other hand, don’t shy away from the drama acknowledging that if it is recognized and addressed, it can be minimized.

But there will always be drama especially with those who live in delusional existences believing their own lies. There are those who fib to their loved ones to hide the true drama in their lives, creating a new fictitious drama even more complex that the one they so fervently wish to hide. I have no tolerance for these people and that is where my drama quotient gets full, leaving me with an empty bag of empathy and a whole lot of disdain for their lies.

My drama is simple. Where do we eat? Why can’t you love me more? And why can’t you pay more attention to me? My drama focuses on one of my favorite subjects: me. By embracing all of the virtue that can exist in my own selfishness, I can create a whole lot of drama for myself and my inner circle. But that is where I leave it: within my group of family and friends who don’t pay any attention to me anyway.

So, in short, drama can be tolerable if contained and shared with those who have learned to ignore it. Think of it like a weekly one hour show where you watch and know that all will be resolved within the hour. Anything more and it would be a miniseries and we don’t watch those anymore because they are a ratings dud.

Moral of the story: know your truth, cut the drama and live your life without engaging others in your issues. You will like yourself more and everyone will like you a whole lot better too.


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