Ally’s Anonymous Post

I have a neighborhood haunt I frequent at least three times a week called Ally’s Comfort Cafe. It is a small, diner looking establishment that serves, as the name says, comfort food. The hostess of the place is Judy (Ally’s mom) and the Cook (she will tell you over and over again that she is not a Chef) is Ally. On weekends we see Ally’s husband, Julio, running around the place making sure the customers are happy. There are also a number of food servers who have become quick acquaintances as well. I guess that once you know someone eats their pancakes with sugar-free syrup or all sandwiches are minus mayo, you build a solid relationship.

If you love breakfast, you are going to love Ally’s fare for the morning crowd. Her food is hot, comforting and delicious and if I had ever had a jewish grandmother, I’m sure her food would have tasted just as good. The same goes for lunch and the occasional dinner that Ally hosts (her fried chicken and glazed carrots are insane!). Yes, I recommend Ally’s to anyone who happens to be in my neighborhood or wants to take a drive for a quick bite of heaven. If you look at my post about The Hot Dog, you will get all the info about this place. But this is not the reason for my post.

Ally has now received four anonymous letters telling her how bad her food is and how her prices on ‘Specials’ are less than special. They have accused her of not knowing what a ‘Special’ menu item is and that her food is salty and greasy. They have gone on to further say that they will patronize other food establishments in the area before they visit Ally’s one more time. These letters have been mailed through the U.S. postal service, are typed and do not have any return address. In short, they resemble ransom notes from a kidnapper and have the same tone. Can you imagine the energy it takes to do this? (Comparable to the energy it is taking to write this post, but my intentions are more noble.)

I encouraged Ally to post them on her window so her ‘regulars’ could see but Ally is less confrontational than me so she just let it go. But if you know anything about Ally you know that she takes great pride in the product she is putting forth – she is always looking for feedback on new dishes, changes to the old, etc. Ally believes in customer service which is a long forgotten art. Couple her work ethic with her innate talent to create spectacular food and you have someone who is not deserving of another’s malicious words. (Enough so that I feel the need to counteract the action by dedicating an entire post to my friends at Ally’s Comfort Cafe.)

I cook, my wife cooks, we entertain and people tend to enjoy our food. Leftovers are not a staple at my house (unless I’ve cooked for fifty) for doggie bags are ever-present. I know when someone cooks well and uses fresh ingredients in their food so I guess that Ally is right in ignoring these detractors of her place. She doesn’t need to defend herself against these nasty letters. In fact, as we speak, a booth or table just became open at Ally’s because some fool decided they’d rather type an anonymous letter than eat a Potato Pancake. Me, on the other hand, I’m writing this as I gulp down a plate of French Toast. And, to the anonymous letter writer: I’m sitting in what could have been your spot. Eat your heart out (I’m sure it’s on the Special’s board somewhere!).


2 thoughts on “Ally’s Anonymous Post

  1. Good morning. As I read your post this morning, it struck me that these are probably written by ONE person. They all look the same on the outside and complain about the food on the inside. This makes me suspect that these letters are not about the food at Ally’s, but about something entirely different. The reason I say this is that if you think the food at an establishment is “bad” and the “specials” are not special, then at most you would go there twice, You would not continue to partronize the place. In addition, you would write at most two letters, one stating your first experience with the “bad” food and the second stating that you tried it again, as you thought the chef may have been having a bad day or that your taste buds were impaired the first time you went. Writing more than these two letters, surely means that the writer is influenced by something other than Ally’s food.

    I talked this over with Harry and he said that his thoughts (albeit short lived for a short timer) are that the writer indeed has an ax to grind with Ally,(perhaps an unrequited lover from the past), her Mother Judy, her husband Julio or someone else in her family and is grinding it where the writer knows it will affect Ally the most, in her restaurant. So please tell Ally, that if you recommend her food, I know it is good, as I have had meals at your home created with care by Yvonne and yourself and you have had meals at my home, and you are the connoisseur of good food. Your taste buds are keen.

    What makes me laugh, is that this person continues to come in to Ally’s and support the business, even though the food is “bad”. You may want to tell Ally to contact the BAU to do a psychogical profile on this letter writer, or match the prints for this perf, so that Ally can serve a special dish the next time the perf patronizes the restaurant.

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