Cereal Killers

As I eat my breakfast and write this post, I remember how much I love cereal.

Growing up my favorites were Captain Crunch (before they removed all of the trans fat and reduced the sugar) and Apple Jacks.  If I wanted something simpler, I would have Frosted Flakes (they were great! – laughing at my own pun).  As I became a little older, I enjoyed the taste of Golden Grahams and just plain Corn Flakes with just a hint of sugar.

In my twenties, I tried Wheaties and Grape Nuts but I never looked like any of the athletes on the boxes so I stopped eating those. 

Today, in the world of eating balanced diets and adding more bulk to our consumption, I eat Fiber One.  I’ve learned to use Fiber one as a cereal, as a crunch topping, as a crouton and simply as a snack with yogurt when all else fails.  Fiber One, in its original flavor, is similar to corrugated cardboard mixed with a slight trace of artificial sweetener.  I’m not complaining.  I’ve gotten used to the taste and I’ve been eating it for years.  But it can’t hold a candle to the Captain. 

I eat my cereal in a bowl.  In Yvonne’s family, they use mugs.  I find this habit annoying and at times distasteful.  In the absence of cold milk in our refrigerator, I have seen my wife eat her cereal with coffee (yuck!).  Although I am a cereal person and I enjoy most varieties, I draw the line at eating my cereal with a hot breakfast drink.  If I wanted oatmeal, I would make oatmeal (which I love by the way).

Oatmeal in a Cuban family is not a healthy food.  Cubans will add sweetened condensed milk, butter and cream to their oatmeal to make it tasty.  In turn, they suck all the cholesterol fighting power out of it by adding fat, sugar and other products that can clog our arteries.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my ‘Kwakehr’ like every other Cuban, but I can also eat the healthy variety with just a touch of salt and a little sweetener.  I also make my oatmeal with water and I enjoy it.

I really don’t understand why I have a weight issue, I’m practically a nutritionist.

So what have we learned in this post – nothing much, really,  other than how I like my cereal.

Oh! We have learned something else:  Most Cubans and my wife are cereal killers.

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Cereal Killers

  1. I have also learned that Yvonne, who had shared my taste of bocaditos with wise puffy cheese doodles or ruffles potato chips dipped in haagan daz cholocate ice cream, also enjoys coffee in her cereal. I have to put that one on my bucket list – it does not sound appealing but it does contain the sweet and sour combo requirement.

    I am also dropping myself down to elder #4. Since I am the youngest, and I could never top the holy water splashing event to remove an Elder’s sins on Saturday night. My cousin, you were brilliant!

    And for that elder’s husband, who on saturday, for the very first time, showed his witty/sarcastic/dark side (boxing survey, imitation of an elder and suggestion that I must have left for a men’s Gap Sale), I am officially impressed. Although I prefer Banana Republic and the sale thing belongs with your wife….never the less, I am officially impressed. You have my Elder vote for a higher level of membership among the Elders.

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