A Periodical Circular Argument

Everyday I go into my mailbox and I find yet a new magazine from one of my many subscriptions.

I haven’t read any of these in months. These subscriptions are usually bought for charitable purposes to help a colleague’s kid’s school in a fundraising effort or because I’m offered a free preview and I have a problem saying no to the word free.

But I don’t read them anymore. With the advent of electronic tablets, I read all of my news and most of my publications on the internet. I haven’t bought a ‘paper’ book in months – Even these I read electronically.

So I’m not renewing any of my subscriptions and I’m going to lighten my mail carrier’s workload and add some vacancy to my already busy mailbox (I can’t cancel the bills!).

I’m torn. I love to read and I can’t think of not supporting the art which I so fervently pursue. What to do, what to do? I just can’t handle seeing them stack up only to have to throw them out on cleaning day because I’m running out of space for my stacks. I could keep them in a magazine rack in our guest bedroom, but most people will only get occasional use out of them. I can donate them somewhere, but nobody want’s last year’s news. With so much instantaneous information available to us at the touch of a button, the articles seem dated.

I am having a personal dilemma because I love to see my work in print and while print can mean virtual, in my head and in my heart, print means ink on paper and ink on paper means writing. Writing is what I do when I’m not doing everything else that life requires from me. It is one of the few pleasures that I require from life and if I betray the paper, I will be betraying my craft.

But as I look around the magazines are still there: Time, Newsweek, Men’s Health, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Details, New York Magazine, Conde Nast Travel…too many to count but enough to remind me that if I cancel my monthly appointment with them I am paving the way for electronic media to rule the world.

Sadly, I ponder this choice as I write about it on my electronic blog. Plain and simple: I am a hypocrite and I will not think about this anymore. Instead, I will respond to my Publisher’s Clearing House giveaway entry from sitting here on my desk – no stamp required – no purchase necessary…hmmm. If I don’t purchase anything will I really have a chance at winning? Maybe I will subscribe to just a few magazines and maybe this will put my entry closer to the winner’s circle.

It’s just a thought. Besides, I have to support my fellow writers who someday might be supporting me.


2 thoughts on “A Periodical Circular Argument

    1. In my next life I am going to come back as you. You need improvement and tact. Don’t hate me because I’m just as beautiful as you.

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