Write Now


Do it now.

Say something. Put some words on paper and deliver a message. Stick to your goals.

I am tired you say to yourself, but you look inward and you don’t give in to the laziness.

My brain has been challenged recently with new endeavors and different responsibilities, but I still have a duty to you.

You are the best therapy and you listen and take anything I have to give.

When I didn’t have an outlet for my emotions, you lent me your pages.

When I needed solace for my lack of hope, you helped me channel my humor.

When I thought I had lost my routine, you gave it back to me.

You forced me to adhere to a self imposed deadline resulting in almost 75,000 words in 90 days – practically a novel.

I’m sorry I ignored you for the past few days. I will try not to forget (again) what a friend you’ve been these past few months.

So I will write, even if it’s just to apologize to you.

And I will write, right now.


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