More Memorable Frames

After the fantastic response I got to last night’s post, I decided to write about some more ‘movie moments’. Please keep your comments coming, I will post a compilation of your favorites in the coming weeks.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial: Where were you when you saw ET propel Elliott and friends into the sky on their bikes? I was at the Byron-Carlyle theater in North Miami Beach and I was transported across the moon myself.

Jagged Edge: We were happy for her because Teddy Barnes had defended her man and gotten him acquitted of his wife’s murder. But typewriters have a way of rewriting our fate and when she realized that she had been played, Glenn Close fled from Jeff Bridges home and tried to wash away her shame and contempt in one brief frenetic shower scene.

The Godfather: Perfection.

The Godfather, Part Two: Perfection, Part Two.

The Godfather, Part Three: Not perfection but contains one of the most unintentional funny scenes in Coppola history. The Corleone family gets attacked on the steps of the Opera house. As bullets fly we assess the damage and then we hear Mary Corleone (Sophia Coppola, horribly miscast) say, ‘Dad?’ while she shows us her bloody belly and hits the floor with a big thump. I didn’t mean to laugh, but I did.

Ordinary People: When Timothy Hutton comes home after having a breakthrough with his psychiatrist, he kisses his parents goodnight. Mary Tyler Moore, in a departure from her Mary Richards character, plays a woman devoid of feeling for her surviving son. When Connie (Hutton) kisses her, her face reflects all of the absence of feeling present in her heart. Cold, calculating and deliberate.

These are a few more. And what are your favorites?


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