Party Crasher Revelations


I crashed my wife’s Firm’s Holiday party on a whim and what an interesting event it turned out to be.

Of course I use the term crash loosely because anytime I’m near my wife’s coworkers I feel like a celebrity. I know that somehow they enjoy me and it’s a great feeling to have. I will not lie: I like the attention. I enjoy them too, they are a whimsical crew.

So we get to the party and I realize I’m not the only one who had a desire to crash the soirée. This is a free for all with everyone aiming to grab a chair because it now has become standing room only. And it is SRO in a very good way. We’ve got children of the Firm’s people, significant others of Firm members, friends of the Firm, third-cousins, twice-removed of the Firm’s partners (just kidding): in short, it is a PARTY.

Somehow we all get a seat, we eat a little, we drink a little, we laugh a lot. I’m sitting next to my new friends (yes Mandy, those people) and my wife and of course I am observing the room knowing fully well there is so much blog material to take in…but alas, I let my figurative hair down and simply decided to enjoy myself.

We participate in a gift exchange game where an attractive little pig and a leopard print Snuggie become the prizes of choice. I watch my wife turn into a pouting, sneaky, conniver when her Snuggie is almost yanked from her (she got to keep it). We laugh some more and we finally get coffee (caffeine is a friend – thank you Mark).

Then it happened, out of the blue, totally unexpectedly I was overwhelmed with Christmas spirit and I was enjoying myself immensely. I stopped looking at my watch, I stopped wondering if it was getting late and I just relaxed for the first time in a long while.

Who knew that it would take a room full of complex, loving characters to kick the Grinch out of my soul? Who knew a Zagat rated Italian restaurant would become my Whoville on a Friday afternoon two days before Christmas? There I was taking it all in and appreciating the fact that I had not missed it. I still had time to enjoy my Christmas and make the most of the end of what had been a most challenging year.

To further add to my nostalgic revelation, I looked behind me and saw the picture of the Firm’s recently departed patriarch (he passed away last year) and I remembered his favorite film – ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. In my head, I was Jimmy Stewart crying, Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!!!!!

I was surrounded by messages and reminders of how blessed life is, especially since the previous night I had enjoyed a fantastic meal with the best people I know, my closest friends, The Elders (no Martha, it is not stupid).

Before I knew it, the party was dispersing and people were on their way home. I drove home by myself because my wife and I were in two cars. For the first time in many months I did what I had not had the desire to do. I plugged in my iPhone, opened up my iPod screen and blasted music through my car’s sound system speakers.

More importantly, I sang all the way home. And, if I do say so myself, I hit all the right notes.



2 thoughts on “Party Crasher Revelations

  1. I am going to focus on the positive which is that you sang all the way home. I am disturbed to read it was “those people” that kicked the grinch out of your soul. This is further proof, Mandy, that it is not Minga who is the social butterfly…. I will also overlook the fact the Mandy and Martha got an honorable mention while, I, the elder that got all of us together for that fantastic meal, got the same attention Raul got for his birthday.

    I have nothing more to say.

    1. I see that you have attended the Marta Loreto grooming school. Funny, all the while I thought you had set the dinner up for Tara and turns out it was all about you. Sad. I will pray for you during this Holiday season.

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