What Happened To The Cinnamon Rolls?


After a very long day, we were in bed by 9:30 pm.

Plans of going to see War Horse, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Mission Impossible went out the window the minute we parked the car in our driveway.

Our festivities had started the night before with Christmas Eve dinner at our friends the Kelljchians, with a hodgepodge of friends and family who came to partake of our hostesses culinary talents. We played with the kids (our surrogates Haley, Geo and Gavin), had a few drinks and then came home to prepare for Christmas morning.

Yvonne was wrapping last minute gifts and I was in the kitchen with my niece Hilary making 5 lbs of Cream Cheese frosting for my homemade Cinnamon Rolls. I had rolled the dough earlier in the week and it was waiting in the refrigerator for me to roll again and spread with my special ‘Cinnamon Goo’. Hilary and I finished the frosting, cleaned up a little and started watching the Radio City Christmas Show on TV where we promptly fell asleep on the sofa. Yvonne and I finally made it to bed around 2:00 am.

Christmas morning I was up making 5 dozen Cinnamon Rolls (my nephew Christopher’s favorites) while everyone was still sleeping. Hilary made it to the kitchen first (this was the first time in her nine years that she had stayed over our house for Christmas) and started helping me roll, cut and make ‘goo’. After buns were in the oven, I had some goo left over (a mixture of brown sugar, butter and vanilla), so I decided to make homemade caramel sauce for the cinnamon rolls. Ten minutes later emanating from the microwave was the richest, golden colored caramel sauce I had ever seen. Of course it needed more butter, salt and sweetened condensed milk to take it from miracle to sin, but the Baby Jesus would not mind the birthday treat.

We packed the car and began making our rounds visiting friends, family and the like (everyone getting cinnamon rolls) until we made it to the Grandsomeones and realized that baby Sophia had decided to skip our visit because she was slumbering with her Grandparents. We played with Baby Chris for a while and then he too had to go a napping for it had been an eventful morning. Faced with no children to torment, we ate a litthe something, the adults exchanged gifts and the parents opened up all the gifts (clothes) for the Grandsomeones. My nephew was happy with our gift to him and his wife of Seasonal Annual Passes to Disney Wold (I guess we made him feel like the winning quarterback on the morning after the Super Bowl) wrapped inside a Mickey Mouse lunchbox.

We waited for our co-outlaws (Chris’ wife’s parents, grandmother and siblings) to show up so we could have five minutes of Christmas cheer with them (and a very quick picture with Sophia)and then we left to our final stop: The Cabreras.

At the Cabreras we ate some more, laughed with the Environmental Elder, Mandy (Christmas gifts this year were wrapped in burlap made from the sap of willow trees in the amazon where indigent children use their teeth and cleft lips to spin the thin splinters from the bark into the material) the Unwilling Elder, Martha (‘my friend’s think this whole Elder thing is stupid’) and me the Elder Scribe who takes it all in and writes it all down. Missing of course was Bronchitic Elder Barbara who surely would have gone into breathing/coughing fits had she seen some of Mandy’s elaborate wrapping this year. With the Elders, our significant others and our moms we had a fantastic time and it was the end of a great day.

Then I got the call from Christopher. “Why do I only have two cinnamon rolls left in my house?” Someone had absconded Chris’ rolls and after baking five dozen, I was a little upset. Could we have packed them up and taken them to Martha’s?- no, her tray was labeled. Could someone else have taken them from Chris’ house?, we didn’t see anyone else there.

And then I realized that it is Christmas and there is only one person who would have taken Christopher’s cinnamon rolls, the person who likes sweets more than me, the person who lives for all the treats and goodies people leave along his trail, the person who could get in and out from under our noses without anyone noticing…

…and that person is Santa.

Yes Christopher, there is a Santa Claus and he, I am sorry to say, ate your cinnamon rolls.


5 thoughts on “What Happened To The Cinnamon Rolls?

  1. Juan, we are so blessed to have you and yvonne in our family…thank you for a wonderful christmas…the cinn rolls…and the left over cinn goo which I am now going to use for my cinn pancakes! Luv ya, come over for breakfast!

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