Best Holiday Movie Experience 2011: War Horse

Yes, it is unrealistic.

Yes, it is about a horse.

Yes, it is mushy, sentimental and manipulative.

The beginning focuses on the horse’s training.  The middle focuses on the experiences that prepare the horse for war.  The end plays our heart-strings like a fine tuned instrument.

Yes, she sobbed.

Yes, I cried.

Yes, we loved it.  We both did.

Worst Scene: Horses getting hurt (even if these are mechanical replications).

Best scene: Two soldiers from opposite sides of the war work together to rescue the horse who is tangled in barbed wire.

Second best scene: Horse running through a battlefield with explosives and bullets flying.

Best lines (paraphrased): “There are days worth forgetting, this is not one of them.” “I may hate you a little more, but I will never love you less.” 

Best Actor: The Horse.  Oscar worthy scene: When he rescues his friend (the other Horse) from having to pull the Tank.

Greatest Regret after having seen the film: That we never saw the live stage version of the show at Lincoln Center in New York.  On stage the horses are played by life-sized puppets operated by multiple puppeteers.  This story, in an intimate setting, on a simple stage, would manipulate and pull at heart-strings even more. I imagined Yvonne and I being escorted out of Lincoln Center because we would be disturbing the other patrons with our emotional outbursts.


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