Tommy Can You Hear Me?


You are not my favorite actor.

I have watched your movies through the years and I’ve walked away sometimes impressed and sometimes not so impressed.

You were outstanding in Risky Business displaying none of the confidence that would come in later years (save for one very famous underwear scene).

You scared me in your small role in the movie Taps. You kinda went a little crazy, n’est pas?

You were part of the terrific ‘better than the movie ensemble’ that gave us The Outsiders (it seemed like Coppola hired every future name in Hollywood).

I didn’t like Born on the Fourth of July even though you did a good job in it.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Rock of Ages. I think you will do a good job as Stacee Jaxx.

My favorite role of yours was Jerry McGuire. I think you deserved the Academy Award but I am not a voting member.

The other day I saw the latest Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and I thought you were terrific in it. I enjoyed your movie and I have been telling everyone to go see

And while you don’t complete me and you’ve never shown me the money, you had me at hello when you crawled up the building in Dubai, busted into the Kremlin and raced through an automated parking lot in India just to get the bad guy.

For now, I congratulate you. A few weeks ago I thought your career was in line for a decline. This week, as we get closer to 2012, the year in which you will hit the half century mark, I have to admit, begrudgingly, that you are a badass.



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