New Year’s Eve


Here we are again.

We are back to the end, looking forward to the beginning and everything changes once again at the stroke of midnight.

The beginning of a new year leads to the path of resolutions and we face those first few days of January with a fierce determination that often time wanes as the months pass.

I love the fresh perspective we bring to each new year, using those first few days to judge how the rest of the year will go.

While it seems like a complex process, it clearly is not. We want our year to be a positive one and if at its inception we face adversity, we worry that the following days will follow suit.

Fear not for life is a series of moments that in the long run find balance against one another with each life having its share of opportunity and challenge – it is, if I must employ a clichĂ© (French accent aigu and all), what it is and what we make of it.

So whether you look at the year, the months, the days or the minutes and judge them accordingly assigning each event the points necessary to define your happiness, despair (or whatever comes in between), I encourage you to look for the positive wherever possible.

Someone said that with life there is no dress rehearsal so make the most of every moment and find the lessons where they may appear. Enjoy each stroke of time, looking at each midnight as a new opportunity to refresh that which might have become stale or to right the wrong that begs for correction. But whatever happens, live your life to the fullest and protect the integrity of the life you have designed for yourself.

Yes, have a happy new year! But more important, have a happy (new if it needs changing or old if you like how you’ve been living) life.

Remember, the ball may drop once a year but it merely symbolizes our ability to reinvent ourselves at any given moment. And for some of us, the moment may be now.




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