About 55 Hours In: Reality Check

For many of us, today is the start of the new year work week.  In other words, reality is back.

The Holidays are over.  We’ve put away the decorations, the candles, the lights, the baking pans.  Our cabinets, kitchens and homes are back to their previous tidy or not so tidy selves and the spirit of new beginnings is amongst us. 

All the cookies, cakes, chocolates and sweet treats have been tossed or placed in someone else’s pantry while all traces of alcoholic beverages have left the building.  Hopefully no one counted just how many bottles of wine were consumed in the month of December alone.

But sometimes reality is good because it gives you something to look forward to – even if that something is Martin Luther King or Presidents’ Day.  We need to get back in the groove of things and embrace all things that do not involve a party, a gift, a day off or a drink.  Coffee goes from being a leisure drink in the morning to fuel for the day.  Hustle and bustle refer more to business and getting things done, than trying to keep up with the Holidays.

I can’t tell you that I am thrilled to be embracing reality, but I can honestly say that its moment is due.  It has been a relaxing time, Christmas and the end of the year being a pleasant, peaceful time to enjoy family and friends.  I used a lot of electronic methods of communication to send greetings this year, removing the burden of having to call someone in the middle of trying to get a ham in and/or out of the oven.  I hope my family and friends didn’t think me rude, but rather efficient in my method of spreading merriment.

I’m ready for work.  I organized myself in the last week of the year, taking time to create my ‘daily’ bible – a planner of sorts with critical information, my calendar, a place for my electronic devices, key numbers and anything I could possibly need to ‘work’ remotely if I wanted to scale Mount Kilimanjaro instead of going into the office (the picture of me on Mount Kilimanjaro is bringing a chuckle to many who are reading this – especially me!).

At home, Yvonne and I organized, cleaned, repaired and made mental notes of things that require attention in the house.  We vowed to reduce vacation time and increase staycation time focusing on making our sanctuary of peace as comfortable and welcoming as some of the five-star hotels we like to visit.

We agreed to argue less about stupid things (we should be done with that resolution by Thursday) and to laugh more at each other’s quirks (Lord knows we have enough material to start our own comedy club).

So reality, for the most part, is a good thing.  Today the day might drag a little, we might crave a cookie or two around 10:00 am, lunch may seem a bit short and not as festive – but today will be a good day because it is a new day and each new day is (pardon the expression so early in the game) a gift. 

Ironically enough, gifts are given to us too even when the Holidays are still 300 plus days away. 

So 55 hours in reality is here and it’s time I stop counting the hours of the new year and start living my days life.


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