Calendar Tampering


After going through two long holiday weekends, I can’t believe how grateful I am that today is Friday.

This week has been long and hard I’ve only worked three days.

This is the aftermath of the Holiday celebrations and why I am convinced that a change is in order. While I have always found the whole concept of Christmas in July utterly distasteful, I think we may be on to something.

If we did Christmas in July and Thanksgiving in November, then we could leave room in our lives to take on Hanukah in December. The concept of a celebration with a few candles, a few prayers and eight nights of ‘simple’ gifts seems entirely more manageable than the Christmas rush that starts from Black Friday through the end of the calendar year.

And speaking about end of year, couldn’t we move New Year’s Eve to be more in line with Chinese New Year sometime in late January or early February? I already have Asian friends who invite me to their New Year’s celebration, so I have the party covered. This would give us more time to rest up after our adoption of Hanukah and we wouldn’t be burdened by the shock of a hard stop and start of life from December to January.

In short, I would not be wishing for Friday after a three day work week.

While we are rearranging holidays, could we do away with Halloween in October? Instead, I propose making October all about me since it is the month of my birth and my wedding anniversary. Instead of candy on one day of the month, we could have cake, parties and non-costumed celebrations all in honor of moi. While it would definitely be self-serving, it would make my appreciation of October so much more special.

I have no control over the calendar or how holidays have been decided through the ages, but I know I can control my feelings about today. While it is not one of my proposed rearranged holidays, it is Friday…and like the song says: thank God it’s here!


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