The Birth Of The Dark Lord


Into each life a little Voldemort must fall.

In my case, the one person who could have shared the feather of the same wand with me is one of my closest friends. Today, we celebrate the day of his birth and while he may be he-who-may-not-be-named to my the-boy-who-lived, first and foremost he is my friend.

My friend has a wicked sense of humor, uncannily finding laughter in all things which might otherwise be deemed wrong. He is uniquely talented in his artistic expression and unfailingly perfect in the department of friendship and camaraderie. He is not social, loving or benevolent and yet he is by far one of the most interesting, caring and giving persons I know.  Most important to me, is that he gets me (in a world where not many people do).

In fact, he might be one of the best people I know and in the absence of his very own celebration he at minimum deserves his own post.

He is my friend, I love him and I am proud to include him in my very close-knit inner circle of The Elders.

So to the Vampire Armand I send birthday greetings, coupled with my most sincere affection. Who knew that when we became such great friends so many years back (or thought that we were), that we would grow to be such genuinely great friends today. I didn’t think it possible, but of the many facts in my life I know this to be one of the most true.

Happy Birthday Sweet Prince of Darkness!


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