Yo Hablo InGlees


I’m not singing in any language.

Tuesday night I was beyond angry, I was offended by the insensitivity toward Hispanics, Latinos and every other Spanish speaking ethnic group that Ryan Murphy and crew demonstrated in a poorly crafted episode of Glee.

To add insult to injury, the episode started with La Cucaracha, progressed to a bit part for Ricky Martin to exploit that ‘wiggle wiggle’ overplayed song, continued with a nineties Gloria Estefan pre-solo career Miami Sound Machine tune, a mash up of Bamboleo/Hero (which appeals to me in a pop-culture sort of way because Julio and Enrique Iglesias sang these songs and I chuckle at the connection). The rest of the episode is a blur because there was some duet number with Ricky and Santana singing La Isla Bonita and Mr. Schuester singing Elvis’ A Little Less Conversacion in Spanish.

Toward the end of the forty-seven minute discriminatory episode, Santana made the point I had been making all night as I was yelling at the TV: Latinos don’t all eat tacos, we don’t all wear big Sombreros and we certainly don’t sing ethnic songs with a Mariachi band behind us. The whole episode consisted of one misstep after another. The plot was all but non-existent (not that Glee is known for stellar continuity) and the use of Martin was clearly the worst case of ratings whoring I’ve seen in a great while.

If they wanted to use Ricky Martin in an episode they certainly could have taken the time to write something a little more eloquent, cohesive and less stereotypical using the English language since Glee in Spanish lost its notes in translation.


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