The Day The Music Died, Perhaps From Access


Whitney Houston was not Buddy Holly. Or Richie Valens. Or Patsy Cline. Or Elvis. Or Michael. But like these music legends, she is now dead.

Whitney Houston was a talented singer whose God-given voice, talent and now, brief life, overshadowed the much speculated, tempestuous ‘problem’ she couldn’t seem to shake.

Everyone says the problem was drugs, while I say the problem was access.

As long as we continue to have access to drugs on the street and drugs in our social circles, we will all continue to know someone whose life spirals out of control because their ‘access’ doesn’t go away. Drugs are addictive whether defined as prescription, alcohol or recreational for the individual who has that addictive personality. Once that relationship is started and the connection is cemented, it can lead to a lifelong battle to initiate a ‘break-up’.

We still truly don’t know what happened to Whitney and frankly the plethora of reasons that might have led to her death will not bring her back or allow us to witness new projects using the brilliance that was her voice. I wonder if Whitney was able to achieve the separation from the substances that controlled her life for the while she was away from the recording studio? I wonder if Whitney’s star was on the rise or on a downward spiral again? Could all this speculation and concern simply be one unfortunate coincidence in which Whitney’s past indiscretions will forever be the definition of her legacy? Will we ever be able to hear I Will Always Love You again without thinking of where we were when we heard the news of her death?

It seems that Whitney’s death has left too many questions for us to answer and upon receipt of the answers it still will not change the inevitable truth, Whitney has left the building… much too soon.


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