Saturday Morning Multitoon


I miss Saturday Morning cartoons.

Remember when Saturday was the only day a week where you could watch all of your favorite shows? First run episodes of Scooby Doo, The Shazam/Isis Hour (not a cartoon) and Hong Kong Phooey made up the entertainment for our non-school day.

In the days before DVDs, Videos and 24 hour children’s cable channels, that’s what we had. And it was enough. Once we had watched our cartoons, we went out and played all day and came home from the ‘street’ when our parents called us in for dinner. We played with others sans dates and/or parental supervision.

We then had to wait another week for our favorite shows to come back. Sure enough, those ‘darn’ kids would foil the plans of the villain on Scooby, Billy Batson, Mentor, Andrea and Tut would teach us some valuable lesson about friendship after uttering their empowering catchphrases, Shazam! and Almighty Isis and Hong Kong Phooey would inadvertently catch the bad guy by sheer luck.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I don’t get today’s cartoons or children’s shows. Frankly I think they cater to a less engaged audience. They cater to the multi task generation who needs lights, music, action, adventure in little snippets – comparable to a sequence in a video game. Our retro shows may have been lame, but we were engaged and we didn’t have anything else to draw our attention away from them.

So today is Saturday morning and I just tuned the channel to an old episode of the Flinstones. I’m only listening because I’m writing this post as I half watch.

With iPad in hand, I have just learned the valuable lesson of today’s youth and helped bridge the generation gap. My iPad is my adult Nintendo DS and somehow, I can’t seem to put it down.




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