Bridge Over Troubled Water


My friend is going on vacation without his significant other.

I am troubled by this.

In the years that Yvonne and I have been married, we’ve never taken separate vacations. Everywhere we have traveled, save for business trips, we’ve always gone together. Hence the reason why I’m troubled.

Are we the ones who are wrong or has my friend discovered the secret to long lasting relationships?

If Yvonne were to tell me tomorrow that she was going to Hawaii for a week with her friends, I would probably encourage her to go (although I would find her desire to go simply odd – we just don’t do separate vacations). I would probably enjoy the alone time if Yvonne were to go away for a week and she would probably enjoy the break from me, but in the twenty something plus years we’ve been together it just hasn’t been the norm in our relationship.

Hence the reason why I have been so troubled by my friend’s decision because it is not something that I understand.

I have been wondering if there is a benefit to one’s relationship by engaging in these moments of temporary separations or do they mask a greater issue in a couple’s world? Could these mini breaks encourage spurts or surges of love because by being away from one another you actually look forward to seeing each other again? Are these separate vacations the components that build the bridge of reconciliation over the water of a potentially troubled relationship? Or, am I simply over thinking this subject because I myself need a vacation?

Meanwhile, while I ponder on this subject, my friend is probably planning his trip, organizing his clothes and prepping for his departure. Conversely, I am writing this post, organizing my thoughts and prepping for my trip to nowhere. And while my friend is going somewhere by himself, I am going nowhere with my wife sitting on the sofa by my side. And even to the destination known as nowhere, we go together.


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