Workaholicstical Behavior Patterns


Do you envy people who go on vacation and don’t worry about their jobs back at home? Those special people who can easily disconnect without worrying about what is going on in the office should teach a class.

I would be their student.

I’m organized when I am leaving the office for an extended period of time. I leave the appropriate deputies in charge of certain tasks, I identify any open projects for my leadership, I notify key colleagues that I will be out and for how long; in short, I prepare for my departure.

But I worry because my irrational God complex doesn’t allow me to believe that others can get along without me for an extended period of time. I’ve worked on it through the years and I have learned to let go a little more, but I don’t disconnect. With cells and emails, wifi and VPN tokens, the office is always around and my office door, admittedly, is always open.

How do you do it? How do you go away and trust that I will take care of things while you are gone? How do you not worry that while sitting at a cafe in Paris I am not going to return the urgent call that came in for you. You don’t worry because I am dependable and you know the workaholic in me will have your back.

Why do I worry? Because I’m a chronic worrier and I’m a control freak. And, while I am working on this tiny wrinkle in the canvas of my practically perfect self, I’m not there yet. Are you?


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