Remodeling Again

So the walls come up only to see another structure crumble under the attack of a named storm. Deception, like water, crawls it’s way through and levels the building.

A construction project of this magnitude is not something that I am remotely familiar with, although I have a better handle on the storm. And, while I can usually feel that a storm might be brewing, the outward signs of inclement weather were lost to my line of sight. It is hard to see the flood, when all you see is rain coming down daily.

But here we are – faced with the biggest of remodeling projects ever and working with professional weather services to change the meteorological patterns that brought about the deluge we now face.

Luckily, our lives have always had their share of bad weather and umbrellas have been plentiful. ‘Al mal tiempo, buena cara.’ we say in Spanish. Face your bad weather with a smile.

So on we go, picking up the pieces, almost like a puzzle, following the trail of rubble like breadcrumbs leading us to a destination. We pick up each brick and rebuild the foundation, start constructing the walls, eventually seeing what once was, only to be again. That’s who life has made us – contractors of change.

And while we can rebuild and improve the construction of this broken place, we can’t ever forget the aftermath of the storm. We look for the calm that warns of impending winds of change and we knock on the walls repeatedly to remind ourselves that the structure is sound. We must not visit the place of disrepair ever again.

But behind the scenes of these rebuilt walls, storms will continue to brew and some lives will always have rain. Unfortunately, as I wrote before, when there is so much rain coming down we fail to see the flood…except for some, it is a flood of tears.


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