Wicked Water

My pool is green.

Just in time for summer, my pool pump motor went and my robotic cleaner needs new belts – hence, the pool’s eco friendly color.  I’m sure this tiny repair will fall into the over $400, under $500 repair bucket that these items tend to land, repeatedly.

It seems that there is always something going on with homes, some repair that needs to happen or something that is about to break.  It is exhausting.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a Condo where I wouldn’t have to worry about anything other than making sure my four contained walls were secure.  But even Condos can be unhinging because of the Boards, the By-Laws and ill-mannered, cantankerous neighbors.

So where do we go?

Do we revert back to our earlier days and live in caves, letting nature provide shelter from the elements?  Do we go live with the Eskimos and live in Igloos fashioned in bright white and shades of ice?  Should I go live in a deserted island with a tiki hut as my home and the sea as my food pantry?  Would I still have to be worried about ‘minor’ repairs in any of these homes?

I don’t know the answer to these questions,  but all I know is that my pool is an interesting hue of emerald, looking like a gigantic petri dish of  algae for me to conduct scientific experiments.

And it bothers the hell out of me, because I take great pride in my sparkling, crystal clear water.

Here is the irony in all of this.   I never wanted the pool when we bought the house.  Yvonne wanted the pool.  She’s been in it less than ten times in twelve years. The pool truly is Granny’s Cement pond from The Beverly Hillbillies because right now it looks like it could cater to every critter in the Florida Everglades.  Perhaps I should start hosting Airboat rides in my pool and venture to make a profit from my pool pump’s misfortune?

I look at the pool and it represents to me a house requiring repair.  But when I look at it again I realize it could be worse.  My house is broken, but my home is not.  My home is strong and there are no leaky pipes or worn walls in the apex of my relationship.  Yes, there are fights and arguments resembling hurricanes and the worst of storms, but we are built to weather these.  We’ve seen the outcome of healthy discourse  and how it  can  provide strong tie beams to the foundation that is our life.

So, the pool is green.  And it will eventually be repaired.  It will once again be blue and it might even be green again, someday.

But my home…my home is every color it needs to be and more.


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