The Vampire Diaries

Summer is always a slow television month because all we have are reruns and replacement series that would normally not capture our attention (Duets, anyone?). So instead, I search through my endless barrage of gadgets, engage the now defunct Apple TV and go searching through the land of Netflix.

Imagine my surprise when I notice that The Vampire Diaries has been added as a new series and that they have Seasons one and two available for viewing – I am quite pleased. With a holiday in the middle of the week I have some time to decompress and watch some mindless television. I am in Heaven.

But quickly I go to the dark side.

The Vampire Diaries piqued my curiosity from the first few days when it was a brand new series and I watched the pilot episode. I don’t remember hating it, I simply remember their being a triple conflict in my DVR world and I didn’t like it enough to have it survive the cut. Looking back now I realize this was a huge mistake.

If blood is the food of vampires, then Vampire Diaries is my new addiction via the tube. Yvonne and I kept watching until the wee hours of the night, saying ‘just one more’ and dozing off in between crucial scenes (forcing us to re-watch the episodes over again). Yvonne, of course, joins me in my journey and soon we are caught in this web of Teen Love, Horror, Comedy and Cheese all at once – there is nothing like having a ‘buddy’ along for this ride.

We watched the first season learning about Damon and his brother Stefan, the Salvatore brothers, doomed to a world of vampirism (is this a word?) by the evil yet beguiling Katherine. We meet Elena, Bonnie (the witch and Yvonne’s new nickname for me), Jeremy (whose pensive looks on-screen make him look like he is constipated) and a host of other characters who soon become friends to us. How can we not become friends when we have spent a marathon twenty-two hours with them?

We jump into Season Two, craving it like these vampires need blood and we watch, almost compelled, because we need to watch. WE HAVE TO WATCH! And we do.

Season Two now over we look to see if Season Three is on DVD. It is not. We look on HULU, it is not. We search Netflix, it is not. We look on iTunes and there it is. At $2 an episode we watch the first ten, spending $20 for 420 minutes of visits to Mystic Falls, a rogue Stefan, a heartbroken Elena and a still beguiling Katherine. There are only twelve more hours left and by the time this post makes it to your eyes, there may be less (or worse yet, we may be done with Season Three – OH NO!)

And then we will have to wait for the premiere of Season Four like the rest of the world. Until then, I don’t know what I might do to get my vampire fix because True Blood (murderess Sookie, pensive Bill [see Jeremy above] and confused Erik – boring) is just not doing it for me right now and the final installment of Twilight is not out until November.

I will have to wait. I will go through withdrawal. My blood will boil. I will see red. I will be anxious with antici…(say it!)…pation. In my quest to deal with my addiction, I will take what could be considered my very personal diary, my blog, and write about these vampires.

But alas, my vampire diaries will never, ever be the same.



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