Death Be Not Proud Revisited

I don’t know if it is the recent events in our life that made me think of the sonnet Death Be Not Proud by John Donne, but I wanted to express the same sentiment using words that were easier to follow. No offense to the great Mr. Donne, but I’ve taken a few liberties with his message. This was also the title of a made for television movie (based on a book by John Gunther) starring Robby Benson as Johnny Gunther who struggled with Brain Cancer and eventually succumed to it at the age of 17. To this day, I still remember thinking that children aren’t supposed to die.

Death be not proud thinking you have power

For in truth you are but weak

You don’t deliver absence but rather temporary grief

For voids of mind and heart do not a lengthy visitor make

I will be remembered, always, steadily and well

Despite embarking on the inevitable roads leading to you

An endless slumber where peace abides eternally

You are for some a respite from a stolen, solitary life

All will follow you for it is written and decreed

But you depend on destiny and weakness to fill your suit

Preying on the ill, harping on the unstable and relishing in discord

Amongst nations

But eternal life is guaranteed to those who rest in faith

In the blink of an eye we will cross from life to sleep to life again

A different life but one in which you will not be, you will not win

You will be gone and you, death, will be stripped of all your foolish pride


One thought on “Death Be Not Proud Revisited

  1. Juan, si vas a seguir escribiendo asi, no puedo leer mas. No me quedan lagrimas mas que hechar y mañana es el cumpleañps de mi prima. Nos vemos entonces. Te quiero demasiado gordo malo.

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