The White Crayon

What is the purpose of the white crayon in the crayola box?  There is none. 

The white crayon simply transfers a shade of clear to the coloring book page but truly does not project ‘white’.  It is there because it is a color in the spectrum, but not necessarily because the crayon provides any purpose.  The same applies to the ‘extra’ cinnamon roll in the Pillsbury can.  On the baking instructions there is a picture of a round pan showing all of the cinnamon rolls neatly aligned in a circle, but the truth is there is an extra roll than never fits   Again, it is something extra, meaningless and unnecessary.

I understand the concept of buy one/get one free because most things in life, dating back to Noah’s ark, travel in pairs.  But why do we need a three pack of anything?  By the time we are done with item one and item two, we can’t remember where we stored item three contained in the bag.  Three packs also provide excess baggage and add nothing to the overall equation other than confusing our math history when we realize that three, will actually equal two, because in the process we will eventually lose item one.

I genuinely believe there are a number of products that are packaged in odd increments, assorted sizes and less than perfect counts aimed at forcing us to buy more of the item to get what we need; however, how many of these unnecessary items do we carry around with us in life?  How do we rid ourselves of this clutter?

For instance, in our travels through life, why should we pack regret?

Regret is a useless emotion.  Unless one has the ability to travel back in time and right the perceived wrong that is making us feel this unnecessary sentiment, then regret is nothing more than a companion to the white crayon.  Regret is part of the ‘irreducible minimum’ – the given we will experience as humans –  that peppers our life as we do what we are meant to do: live.  And, like the white crayon, all that regret does is bring attention to a page but doesn’t add any color, doesn’t enhance the image and certainly doesn’t make the overall picture any prettier.   Hence the reason why there is absolutely no place for regret anywhere in the crayola box that is our existence.

I am certainly not saying that we should go through life steamrolling everything in sight and leaving a trail of bitterness along the way, but I am saying that there is something to be said about mistakes, there are lessons to be derived from error and there can be a blossoming of virtue and maturity borne from the essence of sin. 

We can find meaning to the purpose of  the white crayon in the image that is our life but only if  we start looking at white, not as the absence of visual color, but as the presence of  all light.  Hopefully, a light that will steer us in the right direction and guide us to our intended destination.  A place, again hopefully, where regret, as I wrote before, is not part of our crayola box.


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