Sunday. You are back. And just like the other six days of the week you bring with you the promise of something new for us to experience in our lives.

This day, being the day of worship for many, is also a day of reflection and reconciliation. For some it represents the end of the weekend, for others it is the start of the week. In the end, Sunday is either a beginning or an end but it definitely takes a role more paramount than the other six.

For me, today represents the end of a trying week after a very emotional seven days that affected our family. Today marks the last time I will write about it in the context of a recent event, for from this day forward, I will focus on the recovery of happier times by completing an inventory of remembrances and storing them safely for easy retrieval in a not too distant someday.

From this week I will remember all who were present and the laughs we shared, with the sad, tense moments taking a backseat to the more pleasant ones. From this week I will remember the overwhelming love connection shared between the children of siblings (mostly departed) once born from my grandparents. From this week I will remember the meals we shared along with the conversations and the connections that got made as we interacted with one another. Finally, from this week I will remember someone whose life touched my own in a very private, profound way.

And so life goes on and Monday knocks on our door, welcoming the new week; weeks will merge together forming months and years, but we will have the memories of this week to always remind us of the bonds that guide our journey through life. We are people who need each other to get through times of bad and to embrace the good waiting on the other end.

Sometimes, the bad times start on a Sunday; and as in this case, sometimes the good times return on a Sunday as well.



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