I Have To Make It There


I miss you.

You provide so much joy to me and I am aching to spend a few days with you. There is something magical about you that brings out the best in me.

As I spend time with you, it’s almost as if you reenergize my soul. I’ve been busy and work, home projects and other routines of life have prevented me from going to see you.

I miss strolling through the park on a Sunday afternoon or stealing into a diner to grab a quick bite after a long day of walking. I miss the lines in front of theaters, the overtures and the distinctive way you sort out your regulars from the masses who flock to you.

I don’t miss your glitz or lights because that is what I find least attractive in you, but I do miss your flair and the fearlessness you give me when I traverse through your environs.

I miss our usual culinary haunts like Levain Bakery, Havana Central, Good Enough To Eat and Flor de Mayo.

I miss Restaurant Row and my favorite all you can eat pasta lunch at Becco with $25 bottles of wine.

In years of late you have become a customary friend who allows us to enjoy you in all types of weather. I’ve weathered your heat, rain, snow and cold, still loving you through it all and admiring how quickly you adapt.

I’ve worked with you, played with you, relaxed with you and taken in so much culture and art with you that you’ve become one of my best teachers. There is always something new to learn from you.

In turn, I have taught the wonders of you to others and made you their friend as well.

I don’t feel foreign when I see you. I feel so very close to you and I can’t believe it’s been over six months since last we met.

But soon we will partake of each other again and soon we wii be together.

I miss you and, at the risk of quoting an old slogan, I love you.

You are my one and only.

You are my New York.





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