A Serial Post – Part Three: The Vacation

Lying in bed, absent from sleep, his mind was filled with worry and concern. He could not help himself.

How to approach her new behavior, that was his main focus.

She wasn’t being herself and he knew it. After all these years, he could tell when she was out of sorts.

He felt she was holding back something from him and for the most part this kind of behavior was not one they entertained in their relationship.

Since last night she had been aloof, preoccupied and distant. It was almost like a switch had been made and the woman before him was a different person. He could also tell that she was working very hard to act as if everything were simply normal.

But there was no normal present here. Not at this time. He sensed it and his instincts were always correct.

He remembered her interaction with Melanie last night, the forced smile that sprouted from her lips, how she had become intense and silent – this was especially troubling to him.

He would speak to Melanie – that’s what he would do. He would definitely ask her when he saw her this morning. She should be able to provide some insight into what might have triggered the change in her demeanor.

After almost dozing off and succumbing to sleep, his thoughts once again took him back to her.

During dinner she had seem dissatisfied, as if she wanted something else other than what was in front of her. But she said nothing and ate her meal in complete silence.

What could be troubling her? She had seemed fine a few days ago.

An uneasy feeling came upon him as he realized that her behavior was reminiscent of the last time. It had been almost six months.

He was not going to allow this to happen to her again, the hurt would be unbearable. And while some pains of life were unavoidable, he would try his best to ease her despair.

He muttered to himself, “You will not go through this alone, not on my watch.”

When he finally fell asleep, his preoccupation led him directly into a dream where he was making a phone call to someone. After placing the call and listening to endless rings, a woman finally answered. When he heard the voice, he said, “Hello, Grace. It’s me.”


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