A Serial Post – Part Five: The Vacation

Second day at Gulf Pointe and already the experience was starting to sour.

She was offended that he had spoken to her in that tone and with the demeanor in which he had approached her. This was supposed to be a good, positive, productive time for her, not a challenging experience where her intentions were put under scrutiny.

First he had asked her a series of questions about her interaction with Sarah. Then he had proceeded to make her go over every aspect of their conversations with him. Surely, he was one of these controlling relatives who alienated the people around their loved ones. She was so shocked at his words and how belligerent and disrespectful he was acting. When he had originally approached her with his idea, he had been such a gentleman. She remembered his words over the lunch they had shared, “She must never know your real role in this…”

What was her role? Was she going to become his punching bag too? It was bad enough that she had left her abusive husband, a man who had beat her steadily for the nine years of their marriage, to move to Gulf Pointe. This was supposed to be a fresh start for her, away from the monster who had also fathered her child.

When he started telling her that he was beginning to second guess the reason why he had brought her there, she had held back tears. When he admonished her about her daughter’s approach of Sarah, she proceeded to defend herself and found that her words were falling on his deaf ears.

So here she was, once again, being berated by a man. She wasn’t willing to endure this and she still had time to get out of it. She was having a hard time dismissing his words and while she understood his concern and caution, she was extremely disappointed in his reaction. She had uprooted her life and he had said some unkind, unnecessary things to her. She quite well understood what he needed her to do. Maybe she was a bit excited on day one and had tried to do too much. She had not meant to incite any suspicions in Sarah; in fact, they would not have met that night if she had not arrived as early as she did. Her travels from Shreveport had brought her down a few hours earlier than anticipated. When they ran into each other in the neighboring bungalows it had been a twist of fate. She had planned on making a formal introduction today.

When his son had come by to stock up the groceries, all part of their agreement, he had taken the food into Sarah’s bungalow instead, pretending he had no knowledge of her.

“What have I done and why have I gotten involved with these people?,” she berated herself while she held back tears. “Because you are doing the only thing you know how to do,” she reminded herself.

She would stay and move on as planned. There was absolutely no looking back now, too many moving parts had been shifted. Sarah, Chloe and Gulf Pointe would be her centers of focus now.

She would even forgive him for his behavior today, but she would make it clear this was the last conversation of this nature they would ever have.

While Melanie Crowley was quite skilled in what he needed her to do, she was also adept at one more thing – surviving.


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