Peanut Birthday


Three years seems like a short time

But it is not while we watch you grow

Going from tiny baby to tiny person

With the most unique personality

To cross my life in a long while

Your laugh is inimitable

Your cries move people like mountains

You are well loved

You are our Peanut

And today we celebrate you.






One thought on “Peanut Birthday

  1. Hi Chris Happy 3rd birth day. I look at you and I see Daddy when he was my little boy just like you. May God bless my little Chris I want you to know that you are so precious to me and even though you might not see your nana everyday there is a part of my heart that only belong’s to you my angel. There are no words to describe how much nana loves you, well maybe lets see I love you the amount of of 100 lolipops chocolate and purple I bet you can’t eat them all, well baby that is how much your nana loves you. I will defintely see you this weekend and loves and kisses only for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well lets give one kiss to sophia. love you too your tia hilary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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