The Umbrella

I am not a good bystander.

The words ‘just sit and wait’ don’t ‘sit’ well with me.

I am a person of action.

Lately, I’ve been permeated with situations requiring me to do nothing. I have been forced to ‘sit it out,’ comparable to a player who has been benched and is sitting on the sidelines.

Initially, I was frustrated. Then, I was confused. Idle hands, for me, are just that: idle hands. My cease and desist status brought everything to a stop – including my writing.

It took me a few days to get my bearings and put things in perspective. I would sit it out, I would wait. When the time for action made itself known, I would be privy to it and I would begin to act.

After taking a deep breath, I boarded the bus to resignation.

I’ve learned it is acceptable to do nothing even if the immediate situation is begging for a fix.

It is not my job, duty or obligation to correct someone’s wrong. And, while I have always been cognizant that I cannot be the correction fluid to life’s little unscripted mishaps, a big part of me always wants to play the unsung hero.

Not this time.

I’m taking a step back, giving space and making myself scarce until my presence is needed.

I will sit and wait.

As the storms pass, I will watch the rain and hear the thunder.

But should someone need to venture out and face the inclement weather, then I will do what I do best. If they need shelter from the storm, then I will be an umbrella.

Until then, I will pray for sun.


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