Special Delivery: A Bouquet of Platitudes and Clichés


Don’t you think it’s time?

We’ve been putting it off, this decision, forever. Stop! Do it!

We are only given this one life and we need to make the most of it while we still can. We need to experience all the clichés: smell the roses, take the bull by the horns, be masters of our own domain and live life to the fullest.

What are we waiting for? How can we expect to make anyone happy if we cannot seem to make happiness for ourselves? This life should not be this complicated. There are spurts of happy in that which is simple. Go embrace simplicity.

We cannot do things because we do not want to disappoint another – we have to accept our defeats, recognize our shortcomings and pave the way to create our most imperfect, satisfying life. We must find the balance between ‘what has happened’ and ‘what will happen’ because somewhere in between is our best defined ‘now’.

Pride in a well-lived life is noble; foolish pride is for dummies. Which one do we feel?

And speaking of feelings…

Love, affection and sentiment are only valid if they are genuine, tangible and heartfelt. The words ‘I Love You’ mean nothing if they are not accompanied by genuine actions that stir the natural endorphins that govern our emotions in positive ways. Here is another cliché: love should never hurt.

If the only answer is to get out of a bad situation, then move on is what we must do. Our path is more than vividly clear. We must give this life the opportunity to fulfill our most singular fantasies and we must wake each morning looking forward to a brand new day.

Life is not a chore, it is the most divine gift. We cannot waste it because we cannot seem to steer clear of perpetual problems and challenges. We must fix it. We must do it. We must do it today.

And by we, I mean you.

And you – well, you know who you are.


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