How dare you mock me now in my moment of need?

How dare you steal from me, when I’ve always waited on you?

You have no loyalty for you trade each minute with the next and you stop for no one.

When you do stop it is merely to engrave our hearts and minds with memories.

You are diligent and productive and dependent – never skipping a beat in your tick-tock.

Clocks and watches reveal your presence while we look to them to measure you.

You live in calendars, planners and phones marking every step, every appointment and every call.

Where are you now when I need you most?

I need you to stop, let me regroup and carefully plan my next step.

I need you to wait.

I need you to wait like you’ve never waited before and I need you to give me more of you.

I need you to stall the hours between sunsets and sunrises giving me extra moments in my days and nights.

Whatever I steal from you now, take it back from me later, when I will be ready to repay you.

But for now, pardon my debt.

Minutes to you are plentiful – be benevolent.

Be kind.

Be generous.

Please…be mine.


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