First October 2(s) Day


Welcome Tuesday!

Today is a great day and not for the obvious reasons that control my bias.

I woke up this morning and I have the opportunity to render my day by employing positive actions in each defined minute of these blessed twenty-four hours.

Of course I woke up with a smile on my face and an immense gratitude for my parents who brought me on this fantastic journey, for it has been chock full of lessons – some learned and some not.

I arose anxious to sit at breakfast with my wife while we plan for a mostly uneventful Tuesday, while I consume a (usually reserved for Sunday) French Toast meal.

I look forward to the Facebook, text and phone greetings that will come my way throughout the day, with friends, colleagues and family imparting their best wishes and virtual cariños.

I look forward to the kids who will remember me, those who will forget me and those who will want to blow out my candles for me.

I’m such a lucky guy because I’m surrounded by a wealth of love and affection, not mutually exclusive to today or to any other special occasion. Today it is simply heightened.

As Tuesdays go, it brings the distinct stresses and leftover ‘to dos’ from a not too distant Monday, but today the rules are just a little more relaxed.

Maybe later I will FaceTime with my Grandsomeones and we can enjoy a little fun with the kids as we make faces and communicate via my tiny iPhone screen (and my poor WiFi reception).

My day will be consumed by routine, but how grateful I am to be able to acknowledge and appreciate the miraculous gift that is a peaceful and tranquil existence.

I will write a little, maybe have a special dinner or simply sit down to watch tv with my wife, reserving more elaborate celebrations for the weekend (Did somebody say Martini?)

There might be cake or a shortbread cookie, with one lonely candle representing the many other absent flames.

Today’s Tuesday is the most recent in a long line of Tuesdays that have adorned my life calendar for the past forty-seven years.

So welcome 2(s) day – I’m glad you are here (and not for the obvious reasons that control my bias)!


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