Of this all
Remember to remember

Remember to
Stop staring at that wall
It will provide no answer
To this impossible query
Life has bequeathed to you
We are all puzzles
And once we collect and reconstruct
The pieces will never look whole

Remember to
Stop challenging love with words
Less they provide relief
Adding comfort to this ride
In which you alone must drive
We are all human
With visible flaws and virtues on display
For this world to praise and judge

Remember to
Start taking more responsibility
Find purpose to your role
Channel the pain of pain
Into something more worthy
We are pillars of energy
Whose focus on the positive should reign
Over dispensing life’s ugly tidbits

Remember to
Enjoy the moment given you today
Link each new day
Create the chain of life
By enjoying this instant now
We are temporary souls
Whose permanence is etched in memories
By relying on the power of void

Of this all
Remember to remember
And I promise
I will never ever
Forget you


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