Always New: York and Jersey


A little rain. A little wind. A full moon.

More than little. More than full.

Imperfect conditions for the perfect storm.

The power of weather to devastate.

But you are stronger than it all.

You’ve weathered far worse in your vibrant past.

You’ve always been the example from which we draw our strength.

Your poise in the face of adversity has been humbling.

Along with your sister states and brother cities you stand undaunted representing our East.

The winds and tides have brought you to a hard stop (again! I whisper to myself – incredulous).

But you are wired to keep moving and your direction is always forward (the last time you looked back there was smoke and fire, today you flee water and darkness).

Armed with an indomitable spirit you wipe the rain of tears from your face, you brush the wind out of your hair and you go on.

You take your cue from that lady standing so proudly between you both as she lights the way for you to remember your courage.

Soon you will be running again, embracing the pentameter of the pace that defines the almost rhythmic response of your heroic behavior.

Soon all of the lights of your skyscrapers, casinos and theaters will be bright again.

This unwelcome visitor will be but a memory, another notch in your courageous history.

I pray for you and yours (some of whom are mine) to make your way out of this mess (soon).

And, as you’ve always done, you will.

I have absolute certainty.

I have absolute faith.

Because you are New York (and my New Jersey) and…

… you can do anything.


One thought on “Always New: York and Jersey

  1. This was a beaut it filled my eyes with tears to think of my NJ. NJ is a strong state we know that look at us we akways move forward. I love NY

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