It is inevitable.
Loss can come at any moment.
It veers its presence through life’s corners and takes room in your life.
Loss can be of hope or faith.
Loss can be of friends or family.
Loss can be of despair, but rarely is loss good.
Loss is difficult and grinds at your heart muscle.
But we don’t have to lose alone.
Sometimes loss brings us closer together.
Loss lets us see clarity in what was once obscure.
Loss allows us to appreciate that which is important.
The value of a hello.
The finality of a goodbye.
The fleeting joy in the now that once was.
Loss robs and steals from us.
It deprives us of sleep and comfort.
It invades our inner thoughts.
Loss is a culprit that visits all.
Loss is life’s gamble.
We all embrace our destinies knowing we have some chips we will lose.
Loss also brings with it comfort, acceptance and peace.
And while loss is strong and willing, our human spirit is all the more stronger and all the more resilient.
Loss is inevitable.


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