Six Letters


It is the simplest of words.

It shouldn’t have such a profound meaning considering it is made up of six letters and one syllable.

It is a powerful word initiating the exchange of gratitude between two people, the silent whisper of relief aimed at a Supreme Being during nightly prayers or as a basic courtesy when someone responds to your question.

Most of us are conditioned to use it, the habit of a long-ago learned lesson from childhood. ‘What do you say?’, I can still hear in my head (in Español, of course) as my Mother’s voice fills my thoughts.

As we raise children today it is usually one of the first words they learn right after ‘please’.

And while the conditioning still begins early, I think we’ve lost a little of the genuineness associated with the word. We, as a society, don’t hold the feet of these future generations to the same fire our parents did – somewhere along the way we’ve become lenient in our resolve to count our blessings.

Today is not just about Turkey and the offensive consumption of carbohydrates while we admire the floats in the parade and cheer for our favorite teams.

Today is about family (the one you are born into as well as the one you choose) and gratitude and remembering every person present at your table and those too-soon departed. The ‘giving’ part of today is not about gifts, but rather it is a personal reflection to take stock on the inventory of favors given to you by God (or the Universe, if you are not a religious person) and being grateful.

Today is about…

(as I hear Melba in my head…¿Que se dice?)


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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