The Dance


Kristina Braverman wears her name well.

She is a wife, mom to her three children and she is on the road through breast cancer. This path may lead to recovery or it may lead to defeat, the point is she does not know. She is young, scared and very much alive.

When her son Max refuses to go to his first school dance and fails to hear her request for him to go, Kristina is angry, sad and scared that this may be her last chance to see him through this milestone.

Max, while understanding that his Mom is sick, is insensitive to her needs because Kristina’s illness is an inconvenience to his routine – ‘Who will pick me up from school if you can’t?’.

Max cannot help himself. He has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and his feelings trump anyone else’s.

After a very one sided conversation with his Dad, Max understands he needs to go to the dance for his mom’s sake.

This drama unfolds on a television show called Parenthood.

In perhaps one of the most beautiful moments I have seen on television, Kristina teaches her socially awkward son how to approach a girl, ask for a dance and then proceed to actually touch and make eye contact with another human being. All the while, Dad looks on in awe.

It is the picture of fear over a terminal illness.

It is the picture of a special needs child dealing with a challenge.

It is the picture of a husband loving his wife so stunningly captured that he is motionless.

It is the picture of a small victory amid huge battles looming in one household.

I dare you to watch and I dare you not to be moved.

In fact, you may be so moved you will reach for your child or significant other and simply dance.


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