Day 23: Worry Walking


Too long
I’ve walked the treadmill of worry
Mostly running in place
Defining myself by a craft I did not choose
Engaged to the pride I bring to all I create
Giving importance to that which inserted itself into my life by circumstance
For chance had no hand in it
The universe has always seen me as a child of luck
I drowned in fear
Uninvited, intrusive and true
As the nightmares of a baby in a dark room
Can this be where depression hurts I would ask
Knowing in this self-aware world in which I live
The answer itself was also born of fear rather than a clinical ailment
Mental health and stability is a fragile thing
We who delve in the artistic realm need to watch as we walk the balance beam
Between the reality we endure and the reality we crave
Reflection is a wonderful thing
Transporting us to a better place where we can see the challenges
As surmountable obstacles that provide life’s lessons
To embrace the weakness and feel the despair
Allows one to recognize the cure
And see the light from which clarity emerges and takes a room in your life
Breathing steadily again as the anxiety subsides
Allowing the energy to pervade the spirit of your truest divine mission
The work you make is borne of the primal love of craft ingrained in your DNA
You send the affection of your trade out into the world
Receiving the accolades you know you were born to absorb
Just like that instantaneously the worry subsides
Life returns to what it will be rather than what you thought it was
Light replaces dark
And you stand on yet another treadmill
This time moving forward – again


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