Day 36: The Standstill


Everybody pick a corner and then sit there and do nothing.

Wait, patiently, for the other party to make a move.

Stare each other down if you have to, let’s see who is the more strong willed.

Don’t move, not even an inch, until they move first.

Don’t say a word, not until they speak first.

Wait, wait and wait some more as neither of you (or us) move the situation forward toward some form of resolution.

Speculate, wonder, assume and work yourself up while your position remains firm and your feet don’t leave their place.

Imagine various scenarios, play them out in that head of yours, failing to see the bright side of things and how a pleasant resolution might be found.

Give in to the anger, unwarranted or warranted, and rationalize each other’s behavior convincing yourself that you are in the right.

Stay in your corner, avoid the confrontation, but fight the war in your head.

Become the sun against the moon at the end of the day, two equal opposing forces adding heat and gravity to an already tempestuous situation.

If you’ve been wronged, hold on to the grudge; if you have wronged, repatriate the blame to anyone other than yourself.

Continue to stay in your corner where the lack of progress builds you a comfortable home.

Your personal time-out space, the dunce’s domain, is now your comfort zone and you can embrace or ignore the solitude that has become your trusted friend.

Forgiveness, redemption, resolution and the presence of progress stands in the center of the ring, but from your vantage point the middle is much too far a place.

So you wait, wait and wait while time just stands…



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