Day 68: About Face With Destiny (Amaya’s Stolen Art)


I stole the portrait
Just yanked it off my wall
Touch, touch, send
There it was now living in
My media space
The art of others
It makes me ill
Knowing my artistry with words
Will rarely inspire the brilliance
Or emotion so prevalent
In this raw portrait
Of whom I wonder
But don’t truly care
Because she inspires my vision
To see only this…

While seeming young
This old soul has seen much
Remembering that night of
The Albariño
La Oreja de Van Gogh playing
Rosas in the background of the
Pintxos Bar Bergara
She was drinking un cafe solo
Unremarkably Spanish of her
When he poured the glass and
Asked her to taste
The grape so reminiscent of her
Departed Galician parents
Interruptions coming unexpectedly
Ignoring her desire for
Unencumbered solitude in the crowd
He would change her path
He would take the tired sad
Of her hazel-red tear speckled eyes
Adding the sparkle permanently
Etched only by the truest of affections
He would father her children
And give her a family so long lost,
Not forgotten, yearned for, hungered for
She would forever remember the wine
Taste initially masked by her former brew
How she put her coffee cup to the side
Surrendering this date with her memories
To a rendezvous with pressured fate
As she smiled and engaged in the discourse
Of what would become the
Dialogue of her next phase
He would remember her face
Her lips an odd shade of pink
Against her dark, lightly frosted thin hair
Her name regal sounding
Lorena Patricia
Strength added when coming from
The lower register of her vocal range
No wallflower she portrayed history
Intriguing to him enough to merge with his
Together they would embark
On this adventure
But tonight
The music would play
The wine would flow
It would be just another night
On the shores of San Sebastian




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