Day 80: Another Thursday, Another Lesson

My life should begin every other Thursday with a production number…

…rather than the lessons I seem to be party to on these special mornings.

Today I learned that I do not know how to put the correct lid on our commuter coffee cups.

Although they are the same color, make and brand name, the lids differ ever so slightly and I should have known that sippy cup resembling lid was mine and the normal adult lid was hers.

How could I not have known? How little I know about the world of coffee.

I also learned two weeks ago that cream and sweetener is poured first followed by coffee. This way, as the coffee is poured into the cup, every drop is touched by creamer and sweetened by the fake sugar.

Should’ve known that and didn’t.

I never took Coffee 101 and today I pay the price for my shortcomings


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