Day 91: No More Days


It is time.

Today marks my last blog post for Juan Day At A Time.

I think I have done as much as I can with this site and it is time to focus on other projects.

It has been a great ride. I’ve enjoyed myself immensely and I hope I have provided some joy to you too.

I don’t think I will give up writing entirely but for now I will pursue another art form from which to challenge myself.

Recently I’ve been delving in the art of composing music and writing lyrics. I may go with that outlet or I may begin to draw. I have a children’s story I’ve written which requires illustrations so maybe I will go down that route.

Regardless, I will let you know of my endeavors and I will keep you in the loop.



This is the last line of my last post.


4 thoughts on “Day 91: No More Days

  1. Oh no!!!! Please know that your blog has lifted my spirits on many a day. I will miss them….especially the funny ones….will NEVER forget the Arnold Eye!!!! Love you!!!

  2. Juancho!! No! Maybe Juan week, month or year at a time but no “no at a time”! We Wil discuss this upon my return. Meanwhile , feliz pascuetta!:-)

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