Day 93: The Future Old Normal

cast-of-my-two-dads-5My Two Dads was a sitcom that aired in the late eighties. The premise was simple: a woman dies, leaving her daughter to the two men with whom she had been romantically involved. The two men, through fifty plus episodes, raise the girl into adulthood.

Fast forward to 2013 where last night the season finale of The New Normal was aired. What is The New Normal you might ask ( if you don’t watch TV or shy away from controversy in the news)?

The New Normal is the story of two dads as well, except both dads are in a committed relationship with one another and their child is born via surrogate. Yes, they happen to be gay.

Last night, as I watched, I was waiting for the moment where, despite my bleeding heart liberal beliefs, I was going to feel uncomfortable. It never came.

Let me explain why I was waiting to be uncomfortable. This show, while progressive in nature and status-quo challenging, has ventured into stereotypical humor at times, thinning out the great message it so valiantly chose to shout from the rooftops of the network television airwaves.

But never was I uncomfortable and never did the show take me to a place where the humor was not on par with the resounding message of equality creator Ryan Murphy (of Glee fame) has struggled to deliver in an uneven first season. And the only times the show has been uneven is when they’ve tried too hard to send ‘the message’ to the masses. The show is at its most creative, funny and real when it truly focuses on the normalcy of living in an evolving society.

But I was moved last night. I found humor in the simple episode where two doting mothers are watching their sons get married, where a surrogate mother goes into labor during a wedding ceremony and where a regular couple fight and argue over their wedding preparations (I use the word regular not to point out the difference in the couple, but to point out that the line of difference was completely erased – Arguing over a first dance or a flavor of cake is not sexually oriented behavior, it is merely behavior).

The storyline was , in fact, more than new or even more than normal. It was predictable and it transcended gender, orientation and all human lines. This was simply a story about people living their lives. It was beautifully done and I’m glad that I am living in a time where the history taught to our children one day will include the strides we continue to make toward equality for all.

As we see the red equal signs pop up all over our social media, all that we can ask is that with equality come the predictability and normalcy so beautifully captured last night on what will one day be known as groundbreaking television.

Hopefully one day My Two Dads, My Two Moms and everything in between will be The Old Normal.


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