Day 98: Why? Because We Like You!


I remember coming home right after school to see her

She was one of the originals

Along with Tommy, Cubby, Karen, Darlene, Bobby and a few others

This black and white show, from decades before, with a mouse as the headliner

Annette FunicelloShould never have appealed to me and to countless othersAnnette Funicello Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

But it did

And we watched and watched and watched

Does anyone remember Spin and Marty?

Does anyone remember the serial based on a children’s book called Margaret?

Probably not

It was renamed with the name of its star

Someone who somehow stuck out above the rest

Someone who became America’s darling long before the Chistinas, Brittanys and Justins of the world.

Interestingly enough these names all followed in her footsteps

They too were Mouseketeers, but of a different era

Still they were children of The Mouse’s House

They too went on to have expanded careers beyond their Disney roots

She went on to make Beach Party movies with Frankie and Fabian and Shelley

Names that probably mean nothing to many today

She was the mom who sold us Skippy Peanut Butter later on in life

Still holding that same smile and grace she held as a child and as a teenager

She’s passed on to a better place

And there is a twinge of sadness in everything Disney around the world

She was so very special

She had a smile that could light up any screen

Today the almost forty-eight me

Remembered the ten-year old me who watched each afternoon

And I remember the words with which we said goodbye

M-I-C…see you real soon

K-E-Y…Why? Because we like you


And then she waved and I knew she was waving to me

Goodbye Annette

In my inner child’s Wonderful World of Disney

I think I will miss you most of all

Annette Funicello


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