Day 101: That Was Quick

The first one hundred days of 2013 are officially over.

Today is day one of the next one hundred.

In trying to understand where most of the time went (so quickly), I took stock of my activities in this first quarter of the year and this is what I’ve done:

I lost forty-five pounds.

I gained forty-seven pounds.

I wrote about one hundred blog posts.

I deleted about one hundred blog posts.

I had over twenty-five dirty martinis.

I forgot about ten other dirty martinis.

I worked about thirteen fifty-plus hour weeks.

I made money.

I complained about money.

I spent money.

I saved money.

I spent more money.

I invested about $250 in Powerball.

I recouped about $20 in Powerball.

I argued with Yvonne about 2,457 times.

Yvonne ignored me about 2,452 times.

We attended twenty-three dinner parties.

We hosted twenty-three dinner parties.

I started three new books.

I finished no new books.

I looked with hope toward the future.

I looked with regret toward the past.

I forgot too many things.

I remembered too many things.

I read too many posts on Facebook about dog rescuing.

I read too little posts on Facebook about people rescuing.

I saw the Miniseries the Bible.

I called my friend Martha and spoke to her school receptionist.

I called my friend Armando and spoke to his assistant Tito (numerous times).

I called my Godson Christopher twenty-five times and he returned one call.

I made plans for the next ninety days.

I have a full calendar for the next ninety days.

I complained about not having down time.

I cleaned my pool.

I cursed my pool.

I damned my pool.

I cleaned my pool again.

I counted the days via my blog.

I now can’t write a post without imprinting the date on my blog.

I think I’ve developed a mild case of OCD.

I played with my Grandsomeones, Christopher and Sophia.

I got two stomach bugs from Christopher and Sophia.

I paid bills.

I forgot to pay bills.

I didn’t want to pay bills.

I held Yvonne’s hand over one-hundred times.

I woke up for one-hundred days.

I felt blessed for one-hundred days.

I lived for one-hundred days.

And what did you do?


101 days







2 thoughts on “Day 101: That Was Quick

  1. I worked out 25 days. I drank Coke 100 days. I put Max in Gymnastics and laughed. I grounded Yelina and laughed. I looked at Gregory and laughed. I went on a cruise with Gus and laughed. I asked many to go to the Taylor Swift Concert with me and they laughed. Counting down to the Summer to laugh some more.

  2. This first quarter of 2013 I did what I should have done 11 years ago and sould not have done 11 years ago. I hope that the 2nd quarter of 2013 makes up for all the hard wark of the first 100 days. My grandchildren are the biggest joy in my life right now, my children too, but my grands are the icing on the cake Sofia and Chris Jr. I asked Sofia last weekend Sofia give nana a kiss NO! Sofia do you love nana NO! Everyone in my family tells her to call me nono so she did give a kiss and she does love nono! I hope you have another great 100 days with your grandsomeones!!!! and your niece Hilary!!!!

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