Day 113: The Book Of Mormon


‘What movie are we going to see?’

That was always the question she would ask when we’d get together on Sunday nights and head off to the movies. There we were, teenagers, on a school night, out galavanting around the city.

It was a different time, we like to tell ourselves – but we were still kids (albeit, driving kids), unsupervised for the most part, living our not-too-daring adventures on a Sunday.

‘So, what movie are we going to see?’ She would ask again, hoping that our collective answers would be the movie she had already decided we would see.

We’d answer, give our choices, and no sooner than we could say Bill Cosford (obscure reference to the late Miami Herald film critic), she would give us the merits of her movie choices and the deficiencies of ours.

She always won. We’d see her movie and we’d bitch, moan and complain about ‘her need to control’ only to repeat our behavior the following weekend.

The truth is that we followed and it was easier. She always seemed so sure of herself, so definite in what she wanted and how she would go about obtaining it. I was more of a loudmouth who said things purely for show and shock, while our other friend didn’t embark on dark behavior until much later in life. Back then he was somewhat quiet and reserved. Our forth would vary on occasion either it being her boyfriend, her cousin or his brother. Save for these people, this was my Sunday crowd.

And it was like this for a long while, until we became grown-ups and our social circles expanded to include significant others and other friends.

When I peruse through my memory banks, I always remember this time with a certain, nostalgic fondness because it was the first time I was part of a collective group with common interests and dialogue. It was my first experience in understanding belonging and it was the catalyst that would allow me to see me as a whole person much later in life. Part of how I define myself today is by virtue of these relationships, important then – and much more paramount to my persona today.

I’m less of a follower today, still say things for shock value and still revert back to those Sunday nights when I get a call or an email like the one I received just the other day…

‘We are going to go see The Book Of Mormon, right?’

It’s not a movie, we’ve graduated to live theater, and no doubt there we will all be, there she will be holding court, there we will be listening (it’s a bigger crowd today) and there we will make all that is old new again.

Who knows, it might even be a Sunday night.


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